Trying to live life...with a stupid ED in my head!

August 12, 2008


Well, I'm finally home! You guys had some really good discussions going while I was gone, and I loved reading them.
Someone mentioned that they got on the scale and it came out to be a number they didn't like, and this is something I'd like to talk about. In my opinion, scales should be thrown out the window. I think that if you look in the mirror and a comfortable with what you see, then its fine. Of course everyone has their good and bad days but in the end how you feel about yourself should never come down to a number.

Alright. I had a lot of fun up north. There was a lot of ice cream involved, and on the last night I totally binged on spaghetti, breadsticks, pizza, more ice cream (peanut butter cup, my favorite!), brownies, chocolate syrup, Hershey kisses, and somehow I had about 4 biscuits. I have no idea, they just looked really yummy. Hah. I've never been a binger, but lately its been happening about once a week. Does anyone know why I might be doing this?

Today I want to ask something that some of us might need to really think about.
When you want to restrict yourself, binge, or purge, why do you want to do this?
I'm big on what others think of me (I know, I shouldn't be) and if someone doesn't like me, or says one negative thing about me, I immediatly want to restrict what I'm eating. So what does it for you?

Have an amazing day everyone!