Trying to live life...with a stupid ED in my head!

August 01, 2008

Hi everyone :)
I know that some of you might be surprised that I told my entire dance team about my eating disorder, but it was something I though people needed to know about me. As we all know, EDs can come along with a lot of other things like anxiety, obsession, and moodiness. I wanted to make sure people knew why I am the way I am, and that its nothing against them. Everyone knows about my problem-friends, teachers, my coach, my entire family. To be honest, it is kind of embarassing sometimes when I have to depend on my parents to make me food at my age, and when I freak out if my plans don't go exactly according to schedule. People who know me know that I have always been a perfectionist, but I wasn't THAT perfect.
Onto the discussion...
First I went to a counselor who specialized in eating disorders (mostly in adults), and we felt that she didn't help me, she just blamed everything on my mom, which at that time was my mindset too. Next I went to a psychologist, who I loved, and I stayed with her for a while. My parents weren't very impressed with her because she was always getting appointment times mixed up, and making promises she didn't keep. Now, I'm set up to go to therapy with my nutrionist who is also a therapist. I don't LOVE her personality, but I'll try and see how things work out.

This is a question I've been wanting to ask because I'm really curious about it...
Has anyone been an actual place to recover from an ED? (not sure what that's called)
Have a GREAT day!